Seed Invest Funding Academy

Seed Invest Funding is a leading equity crowdfunding platform, opening up access to venture capital and angel investing to everyone.

The SeedInvest Selections Fund is currently investing $200,000 alongside each company that successfully raises capital on SeedInvest1 under Regulation D. The fund is targeting investments in 50 companies over the next two years and its limited partners are looking for opportunities to make strategic co-investments and follow-on investments.

Investing in startups used to be reserved for just venture capitalists and high-connected angel investors. But SeedInvest is now enabling anyone to invest alongside venture capital firms and angel groups and access startup investments for the very first time. SeedInvest helps filter out the noise. Our team is comprised of former professional investors who screen all companies which apply.

As a result of the JOBS Act, companies can now raise from anyone up to $50 million under Regulation A+ and up to $1 million under Regulation CF. These new exemptions open up investing to 240+ million Americans who previously could not invest and allows SeedInvest to help startups turn their most ardent supporters and customers into passionate investors for the first time.