What is Seed Invest Funding?

SeedInvest is an investment platform that provides everyone with access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities. Investing entities we serve include, but are not limited to non-accredited individuals, angel investors, family offices, venture capital firms and funds, and institutional investors. Companies must satisfactorily complete vetting and due diligence processes prior to listing on the platform; about 1% of companies that have applied are ultimately listed as investment opportunities on SeedInvest.

Seed Invest Funding
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How does Seed Invest secure sensitive information and user data?

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    For more information on how we collect and protect user information, please see our "Privacy Policy"

    Any data that we are required to retain for compliance purposes is stored on servers in secure facilities. We maintain and consistently update our processes for securing and storing data. All communication on the Seed Invest platform is encrypted via SSL during transit and bank-level encryption is used for sensitive information.

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