Parallel Flight Technologies

  • Investment: Parallel Flight Technologies
  • $3,950,343 raised: $10,000 previously crowdfunded
  • 3,090 Investors: $28.7M Valuation
  • $4.67 Price per Share: $499.69 Min. Investment
  • Common Shares Offered: Equity Offering Type
  • $7.5M Offering Max: Reg A+ Offering
Saving lives, property, and the environment

We’ve created patent-pending drone technology that will allow drones to carry heavy payloads for over two hours. This will make it ideal for use in fighting wildfires, search and rescue, and logistics missions. Our unmanned, autonomous aircraft open new possibilities for the safety of first responders and many other commercial applications.

Reasons to Invest

Large Market Potential: Operating between 3 large industries. $65B Industrial Logistics + $20B Healthcare + $10B Wildfire Suppression markets

Strong Team: CEO is a former Tesla Semi-Truck electrical engineering leader. Founding team has deep robotics experience from Verb Surgical, drone swarm work with the Navy, and machine vision expertise
Innovative Technology: NASA, NSF and USDA funded, 10X longer flight time with a heavy payload vs. existing technology for unmanned aircraft.