Janover Ventures

  • Investment: Janover Ventures
  • $145,882 raised: $728,334 previously crowdfunded
  • 235 Investors: $45M Valuation
  • $1.00 Price per Share: $250.00 Min. Investment
  • Website: https://www.janover.ventures/

Simplifying real estate & business loans

Multifamily, commercial real estate and business financing has been a black box, carefully guarded by Wall Street. We’re opening it up to the world by empowering the right lenders and borrowers to seamlessly connect in a frictionless digital environment; guided by a team of expert finance practitioners.

Reasons to Invest

  • The FinTech, Janover Ventures, grew 184% during the pandemic, powering more than $180 million in loan closings for commercial property and business owners.
  • Janover’s proprietary technology, the intelligent portal is processing, on average, $2.6B in loan inquiries per month.
  • The Janover Ventures suite of websites grew to more than 1 million unique website users last year, primarily from organic, SEO-driven traffic.